How to run a sandboxed program?

I would like to sandbox an untrusted program and keep it running inside the sandbox.
I installed the program inside the sandbox. However I couldn’t figure out how I could run it next time after I closed this program. I clicked on the exe program but nothing was run. :o
I have to re-install every time in order to run this program.
Does anyone know how to solve it? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Launch virtual desktop task and create a shortcut within VD on the desktop. You can first create a new folder on your real desktop, then when you launch VD open that new folder to navigate to where the installed application is, and right click on the application and choose send to desktop. Then don’t reset the containment and launch VD then the virtual shortcut to run the application.

For some reason, I couldn’t launch virtual desktop. I clicked on “Run Virtual Desktop”. Nothing happened.
I have installed Comodo Dragon and MS Silverlight 5.1

Is there other way of doing it?

Does anyone know how?

Use the run virtual task and select create a virtual desktop shortcut and select explorer.exe in the Windows folder. That way you open up a virtual instance of Windows explorer and then you can browse to the sandboxed installed application.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it doesn’t work.
It says “Access denied” when I access VTRoot folder with sandboxed explorer.exe :-\

Sorry no, what you want to do is browse to the install location inside the virtual windows explorer window to launch the application. e.g. C:\Program Files\application\executable.exe within the run virtual explorer. The VTRoot folder holds the containment files on the real system.