How to roll-back update

I just let my firewall update itself and i do not like this UI or the new ‘features’ it installs and enables automatically. Is there a way I can revert to the version i had installed (now vs 7.0.317799.4142) short of re-imaging my system and then never letting it update again. I don’t need HIPS, Defense+, Sandbox, scanning, virtual desktops. All i need is the best firewall on the market w/out any of the “STUFF” that some expert thinks I need. And yes, I did do the ‘customized’ install but even though I had all of these “features” turned off after restarting it had more than a few programs sandboxed before i could even blink. I dont have time to learn a new interface right now, Is there a way around this or do i need to get another f/wall?

thanks for any enlightenment,