how to revert to older version

In all of my Windows 7 PC’s (four of them) and in my one Windows XP desktop, CIS Version 6 has slowed my internet page loading almost to a crawl. I want to install an older version but every time I try to do this, version 6 is installed anyway. How do I install a version in the “5” series as opposed to version 6? If I cannot do this , despite using free Comodo CIS for years, then I will move on to another internet security program.
Thank you.

Older versions should be listed on

I can find the old version installation files and download different versions but after installation has completed, I am back to the latest version 6.0.xx!!

Did you go to this page and download it? I checked it and it did in fact download a different installer from that of 6.0, at least for me.

:slight_smile: Thanks to all. After searching for and deleting ALL of my Comodo registry keys after uninstalling and before installing, I am now back to where I want to be.