How to restrict my DC++ client?

Well, I have a '“white” IP address and wanna use my DC++ client (ApexDC) only within my ISP free zone that includes 3 different IP ranges. AFAIK CFP doesn’t let define one zone including multiple IP ranges (unlike Jetico Personal Firewall does). So I defined 3 different zones: Intranet-1, Intranet-2 and Intranet-3.

I also added 3 new Networ Monitor rules that allow inbound TCP/UDP connections to my 25555 port from Intranet (1, 2 and 3) zones. I have no more network services installed, so it is the only port that I wanna to be listened and connections to it are restricted by Intranet zones.

Now I wanna ask you to advise me the optimal Application Monitor rules for my ApexDC. I want to restrict it’s connections (both inbound and outbound) only by my Intranet (1, 2 and 3) zones.