How to Restrict internet access?

I want to restrict access to permitted sites only. Is this possible?

Hi and welcome,

Yes it’s possible. Define a set of trusted IPs, define a global rule to allow traffic with it, and another rule below blocking anything else.

Thank you Sir. Lemme try.

Also, keep in mind, that if you do it this way, you’ll also need to add your DNS-servers to the allowed IPs. Open the start menu and click Run (or Windows-key + R), and write cmd.exe. Now the Command Prompt will start. Write ipconfig /all, and now you’ll get some information. Next to DNS-server (you might have multiple entries), you’ll find an IP-address that you’ll need to allow, in order for you to use Internet. I myself would personally prefer to do it the way Japo described, but instead of adding the rule to your Global Rules, add it for your browser only.