How to restore system disk?


I just installed CB on a Win 7 Ultimate 64.

How do I restore MBR and C drive? Typical senario would be:

  1. I created a Disk, Partition, MBR backup that includes MBR and C Drive
  2. The backup is located on local drive
  3. The system on C drive crushes.
  4. I reinstalled Windows, installed Comodo BackUp to d: drive.
  5. I run backup file of drive C (with old working system) - proposed to schedule of the restoring process because destination source is in use.
  6. I restarted computer, Windows boots, the restore process starts too. After it finished succesfully the computer restarts and… i see nothing. there is no old working system with installed programs, with files, etc. but only new “empty” reinstalled Windows, that was installed 1 hour ago only for install and run Comodo Backup…
  7. I read the forum on URL attempted to perform the recommended steps. Installed Windows AIK and tried to create WinPE disk in comodo. wrote massage “an error occured while creating the WinPE image”.

Question: HOW DO I Restore MBR and C Drive backup created in step 1?
Can i restore only drive C without MBR?
HELP! There many information important to me.

Thank you

Please update to CB 4.1.4 and then try again.