How to restore Registry Back-up

Hi all,
I’ve just used COMODO registry cleaner for the first time. Previously I’ve used Cc Cleaner without problem. After using COMODO I was amazed at how many errors were found and, my laptop was certainly faster, BUT, I now find there are a couple of programs I cannot open, I get error messages; I think it is something to do with NET framework. I’ve used System Restore, un-installed and re-installed programs etc, and Net framework, but am still in the same position. Then I had trouble finding the COMODO back-up file, now I’ve found it but have no idea how to get it to restore the registry. I would be very grateful for any help on this matter.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Under the “Optimize” sections there is a “Back-up” section. Right click the backup file and click “Restore”.

Thanks for that FaZio93; uf! don’t know why I didn’t look there in the first place! Anyway, it has restored the registry, but alas, not cured my problem. I shall just keep on hunting till I find the right solution. Something to do with JIT Debugger. I need to activate it somehow.


Have you used the last version of COMODO System Cleaner?

Hi, when I cleaned originally I used the 1.01.12 Beta version, I have now downloaded the version; is this the latest version of this program? Is this why I had a problem?

Hi, version 1.1.63928.28 is the latest as per this topic and Comodo’s website.