How to restart Comodo firewall quickly (No easy-to-find on/off switch!)

New user just converted from ZoneAlarm Basic
Happy so far!

I temporarily shut down CPF (via system tray, rightclick on CPF icon etc.)to allow mtorrent to work faster (since it had slowed to a crawl with CPF unfortuneatly).

Now that I wish to get it back up and running again, I can’t. “Summary” says: Protection strength=Bad! Ok, fine enuff… Application, Component, Network monitors are all “Off” and red.

When I try to click on the respective circles (on/off to change back to “on”, nothing happens! Seems everything is locked out.

  1. What to do (besides a full system shut down and resart? (don’t even know if that would help actually, haven’t tried it yet)

  2. Besides why the big jump in speed with mtorrent when CPF is turned off?


Hi rniak, welcome to the forums.

I don’t think exiting CPFs GUI will actually stop CPF, since cmdagent.exe (the background process) is still running. Even killing cmdagent.exe will not help, CPF still has running drivers & CPF might think it is being attacked (goodbye net connection). As you currently stand… a restart is probably your only option. In future, to temporarily stop CPF, set the Security Level to Allow All from the systray. Setting it back to Custom will restore CPFs normal activity.

However, it is not a good idea to do this for the reason you cited. It would be better to check CPFs Log & see if it is registering lots of blocks for mTorrent or to check the FAQs on Torrent-like apps to see what the problem might be.