How to restart cmdagent service without restarting computer? [SOLVED]

I am encoding a video with x265 which is half done after almost a week. cmdagent.exe is taking 300MB of RAM and still growing, I can’t afford for it to balloon and for x265 to run out of RAM and fail. But I can’t stop or restart cmdagent in services.msc (buttons are blanked out) so is there another way? Thanks.

Start->Run and type:

net start cmdagent;msg810770#msg810770

I don’t need to start it, I need to stop it. And net stop cmdagent didn’t work.

The thread title says restart.

To stop it, disable HIPS and kill it in the Task Manager. It sometimes restarts, you may have to kill it twice (or more). Twice usually does it on my system.

Ah, I didn’t realize it was that easy. Killing it in task manager restarted it, it’s back to 20MB RAM now. Thank you!

You’re welcome!