How to reset the passwort of CIS

Ok, I hope I am at the right spot.
And please forgive my bad english.

The problem is, I look after some PCs in the family and on all the comodofirewall is active. Now, one of the owners lost his passwordlist (jeah, a list wrote down on paper, if you gain physical access to a pc just a completly cryped hd will stopp you) .
Some of them we could recover. But not the one of Comodo.

This is a huge problem, because I don’t know how to reset the pwd (if it is posible). Now I would uninstall the suite but even this is not posible without the pass.
A very bad idea in my eyes.
I even tried to find the right entries in the registry and exportet and then deletet them. No luck.
Maybe I missed the correct entry.

I searched the forum too and just find some very old topics with registryentries which are not up to date.

The only left solution I see is reinstalling windows XP if you can’t help.

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Please read here;msg356020#msg356020


Thank you.

I tried it at my PC and it works great. :slight_smile: But I don’t know how I could not find that thread.

But after I set a new pwd on my PC I noticed a strange behavior.

If the pwd for CIS is starting with a space bar comodo will accept the pwd while setting it. But not when you want to use it. ???

Somehow it remember me at msn some years ago. ;D