How to reset Intrusion Attempts in Summary of Network Defense?

The title says it all…

Anyway, I ran a search and went through the help, but can not find something that is probably very apparent and I simply am not seeing it.

The reason is because of all the “false positives” Comodo has scored up, I want to reset it so I can watch a realistic count instead of the idiotic 23,543 it is boasting (I let a torrent client run for some time before thinking to set a rule to clear it).

I put a post in the “Wish List” section asking for a way to reset the counters. Hopefully the devs actually read the wish list.

try exit the firewall program, right click on the icon and choose exit in the list, than open the program again…

Wow, do I feel stooopid. I really thought that I had even tried a full restart of the computer in the mean-time, so I tried your suggestion of restarting the program only because I was banking on my own senility, and it paid off! I hate to bet against myself, but then again if I win, I guess it isn’t all bad?