how to reset interval for memory scan

I understand BoClean only scans memory every 10 seconds and this can interval can be reset but i do not see wher to reset it?

Hi david banner :slight_smile:

I am not sure what mean by “reset it”. You are right BOClean scans the memory for every 10 seconds ( and when something loads to the memory ) but that interval can’t be changed. However if you are refering to the flashing of BOCleans icon in the traybar when it is scanning, it can be put on/off like this :

  • Right click the BOClean icon in the traybar.
  • Left click “Configure BOClean”.
  • Uncheck/check “Disable flashing of traybar icon”.
  • Left click “Finished”.
  • Left click “Close this menu”.

Greetz, Red.

Hi Red. I read somewehere that that 10 second interval can be reset. It may have been in the help or on the Comodo site. I will look it up