How to reset counter in overview-screen?

i’m still using comodo under linux mint 17 - working very well.

but i recently had to check a very old hdd which i had to connect via usb to my linux machine.
it was from a old damaged notebook from a friend, who is still windows user.
comodo found many threats on it, as shown 20 and reported them in the mainview screen of my comodo for linux installation.

because the hdd was not my own i cleared all protokolls belonging to this scan, to have a cleaned comodo stat.
despite that i still got “20 threats found” counter in the overview. (see screenshot below)

before this external hdd scan it always shows 0 threats. it’s quite annoying, cause my system always was viral-free.

is it possible to reset this counter? if yes, how can do this?

thanks for your help in advance.


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hi again,
the problem is solved after a restart of the system and deleting all protocolls.
now comodo shows 0 threats again.
sorry for that…