How to report possible fasle positive website

Hello. I take surveys and some surveys come from the following website:, but the DNS of Comodo keeps blocking it and even if I say disregard for a while, it still blocks it. How can I report this to Comodo so that they can re look it over?

Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here


Why easy and quick if complicated and tedious is a possibility. So when you are browsing/searching/working/whatever and are suddenly stopped dead in your tracks, go to the COMODO site, search for the right thread/post, report the site and hope that maybe one day it gets removed from the blacklist.

A better solution would be a simple allow [ ] once [ ] always button and the comment and URL could then be sent in the background. In the meantime, just ditch the COMODO and OpenDNS DNS servers if you encounter too many false positives.