How To Report Dangerous Websites

Hello, I’ve written an article in which I explain How to Report Dangerous Websites. It’s meant to show people how to report any dangerous site they run across in order to protect the maximum amount of people with the minimum amount of effort.

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Report malicious software

I’ve also started up a topic about this on Wilders. Here’s a link to that topic.

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Reporting in Internet Explorer will help IE users.
Report Malicious Websites in Internet Explorer

What does Opera use? Does it use Google’s database?

I want to make sure that Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Opera users at least would be protected.

Opera browser uses Phishtank and Netcraft for fraud and malware protection. In the past Opera also used Haute Secure which was later acquired by Truste.

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Okay, so as of this moment I’m aware of how to report bad websites to:

report dangerous sites to Badware Busters (Same as reporting site to Google Safe Browsing only with more options)
report illegal activity to the FBI/NW3C Internet Crime Complaint Center
report phishing sites to US-CERT
register to report phishing sites to PhishTank
report dangerous sites, for Microsoft through IE8, by following the instructions on this page
Report phishing sites to Netcraft by using the form on this page

Does anyone know of any other useful places to submit dangerous sites? Also, does anyone know the best places to submit a site in order to hopefully have it taken down as quickly as possible?



I’ve now taken this information and made it into an article. Please let me know what you think.