How to replace CD theme with chrome's default one

Helloo it’s my first post here.

I want to ask is there any way that i can transform this:

into this:

I have to change Chrome (my sister ocupies it and is constantly adding more and more bookmarks and Apps and stuff…) with other browser so Comodo Dragon is perfect choise except that i prefer Chrome’s default layout. Not that CD layout is bad or much deferent but I am used to Chrome’s one (navigation buttons, tabs design, color is not matching with my Windows Theme etc… all minor dislikes but still want to change it).

If you know some way that I can Fix this please share it.


Here is chromes classic theme

That’s a good question. I mean f.e. changing theme like in chrome isn’t possible - i also checked chrome://about/ (or chrome://chrome-urls/ or about:about) and there are no entries for themes. There is just the “Call Themes” and “Revert to default theme” option.

Well i hoped the above linked classic theme would change to these stylish tabs and cleaner icons (min/exp/close). Yet all it changes are some colors and results in a heavy bad look (fully grey) - it does not fix what bokiscout asked about (navigation buttons, tabs design, color is not matching with my Windows Theme etc). Further i can’t revert anymore fully to my regular theme (one of these) - the headline (i mean where Tabs are displayed) is with fully black background and the background on new tab isn’t changed anymore.

Hi bokiscout,
If you both prefer Chrome but want your individual preferences, you could run Chrome with two user profiles.
Manage multiple users on Chrome

Alternative: Either you or your sister could use the portable version for Chrome, which is independent from the installed version.
Google Chrome Portable-Portableapps

Compromise alternative: Get your sister to use Dragon and you continue to use Chrome. :wink:

Kind regards.

@ captainsticks

Totaly forgot about that new feature of chrome (second user). Must say that this will solve my problem.

Thanks for the feedback.

You are welcome, you could keep Dragon as a secondary Browser and you may eventually get use to the different functionality. :-TU

Kind regards.