How to Remove Worm from NAS

A couple of weeks ago I brought a friend’s computer home and removed the brontok worm from it. Yesterday, I moved some files to an old Western Digital NAS and my Comodo anti-virus program began going nuts. It kept finding the brontok worm on the NAS. A new window popped up every few seconds Several attempts to have Comodo clean it failed.

I currently have the NAS unit disconnected from my network. I have scanned the computers on my network and they are clean. I would like to salvage the data from my NAS and keep using it. Any advice on how to proceed?

Reinstallation is the way to be safe.
Without wasting time to find solutions, which maybe will not solve the problem anyway.

Also, you dont know what the worm has changed or established meanwhile.

If you dont want to go the best safe way,
there are specialized removers for this worm. Like from sophos.

I would recommend reinstallation though. And afterwards i would use the removal tool :wink: