How to remove unrecognized files?


I would like to ask you. How can I remove unrecognized files? Sorry for my English. I cannot remove this 6 files. I can remove anything above number 6 files. For example when there is 20 unrecognized files and I will remove it it removed 14 and 6 still remains.

Please have look at the attachment.

Thank you for your answer.

Hi radek178,

Could you please share us the file details? so that we could investigate why it remains even after you removed it.

I am sorry. I find solution of my problem. These 6 files were not “.exe”. When I choose show ALL FILES it showed me 6 non executable files and I removed it.

I have one more question. When I run Comodo Killswitch > Autorun analyzer there is lots of files marked as UNKNOWN. Why? There is about 1600 files as unknown (almost all of them are unknown).

Could you post a screenshot of Autorun Analyzer?