How to remove Social Media Share, completely?


Is there any way to remove/disable completely (not only to hide) the Social Media Share feature? Maybe a strange request, but I don’t use these called “social networks”. I’m an anti-Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn internet user. >:-D


It’s possible to remove or disable also the other share feature with Wikipedia, Youtube etc…?

Nobody reply?
Then I think it’s impossible and it’s absurd!!! >:(

i have not these … things on icedragon but on widget and it does not worry me.


Social Media Share is built in and cannot be removed. It is also an “on demand” functionality, meaning that it does absolutely nothing until you click the button.

Drag&Drop is an add-on and because of the way it’s delivered it also cannot be completely removed. Disabling it in the “Add-ons Manager” will prevent it from running in the browser.


Ok, thanks.