How to remove program from Running in the Sandbox?

I have one file in Sandbox.

Tried the above link to solve this problem. None worked. None seem to be relevant.

File is DMedia.exe by ASUSTek Computer Inc. I think its one of the drivers for my laptop, if I am not mistaken. The file is Partially limited, verdict is unknown. I know the verdict. It is trusted. But no way to manually set the verdict I think.

i. I have no files in the Unrecognized Files Section of Defense+

ii. DMedia.exe is already a Trusted File. So what the…?

The COMODO Firewall version I’m using is 5.0.


Hmmm…seems that DMedia.exe is no longer in Sandbox. Thank God!

Oh, I just turned off my laptop, and when I returned later in the afternoon, booted it up and voila! It ain’t in Sandbox no more. That’s nice. Now if only this issue would be resolved:;msg453082#msg453082