How to remove old entries of allowed aplications for explorer.exe

Hi everyone. I have a question regarding specific entries in Computer security policy/explorer.exe/access rights/run an executable/modify. The allowed applications list contains old entries. For instance about GMER i have 4 entries: D:\Programs\GMER\gmer.exe; D:\Programs\GMER\gmer.exe; D:\Programs\GMER\gmer.exe; D:\Programs\GMER\gmer.exe. Why doesn`t the “purge” command in Computer Security policy affect these types of entries? Or they need to be manually removed which would be strange because there are also entries of programs that are already uninstalled. If there is no option to remove them automatically it would be very useful to include such in the next Comodo version to avoid the accumulation of useless data.

XP SP2, Comodo 3.9…509

These are not removed automatically. As for feature request i’m second for that…though it was requested earlier (if i’m right)…maybe not even once.

It would be nice. I also removed uninstalled programs and old programs that were installed from the desktop and then moved to a folder or recycle bin.

+1 maybe Purge could check the rules for unvalid entrys.

Thanks for the replies, guys. Another related question: is it safe to remove the registry keys corresponding to those allowed applications entries and if yes will the deletion of these keys affect the list in Comodo? In my example with older versions of GMER one of the registry keys is this one: HKLM\System\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\HIPS\Policy\62\Rules\0\Allowed\45


Comodo stores its rules in the registry. When you delete the mentioned key it should go away form the list. I have never tried this though. I would go by the GUI; but that’s a matter of preference.

I’ve requested this a couple of times (months ago); a global power purge. Sounds good doesn’t it? I hope it becomes reality because D+ bloats the registry unless you have 100% control over your installed/uninstalled applications (which I have, but I still want the power purge…).

but I still want the power purge

I couldn’t agree more :-TU It would also be very handy to be able to see at a glance everything that currently takes several clicks to find. Just a single click on an entry in D+ and one is presented with a nice easy to read, flat view, of everything related to that application/process etc.