How to Remove defense +

I have disabled comodo’s defense + because I am seeing way too much popup alerts and all I want is a good protection against hackers, which comodo is already providing.But since I am not using comodo defense + is there a way to remove it but not the actual firewall? (B)

the answer is yes go to defense tap then hit the advanced tap on the button then defense+settings you will find the general settings there you will find deactivate defense &permanently

It’s not removable, you can only deactivate it permanently. If you deactivate (or just disable) you will loose some of the firewall leak protection!


Do I need to delete any files aftes disabling it or are the files containg all the defense+ info deletes after restart?

You should only get pop ups when Comodo is first learning all your apps. After everything is learned then the only pop ups should be when you install something. I don’t get any pop ups. Give it a week or 2 and it will calm down. Leave D+ on. You better off with it enabled. (CNY)

Wow that was fast!!

Would you suggest using BoClean too or will it create a mess?

I have:
Avat! home edition AV
Spybot S&D (Resident)
Comodo firewall - Defense+
Windows Defender (which doesn’t count as it detects s**t :stuck_out_tongue: :P)

I’ve heard BoClean is very nice and very light!

Going to sleep now because I’m from Greece and it’s 5 am…


It’s a great complement, go for it if you have the system resources :wink: I don’t mean that it will cause a significant slowdown of the system, but obviously you already have three programs for resident protection against malware (not counting CFP / D+)


Thanx m8!

Allthough I’ll wait for the 4.26 release since there have been quite a few problems with the 4.25 version.

Will the image execution control settings work even if the defense + is deactivated permanently.