How to remove adware from Dragon and Chromodo


I would like to ask you how to remove adware from Dragon and Chromodo? When I delete suggestions.json, it shows there again. When I change URL in mainconfig.json it is there again after restart.

If it cannot be removed, I will better uninstall comodo browsers and I will use another browser. I do not want to use adware. I do not understand how somebody says producing the most secure browser, use himself adware. And does not inform about it his customers.

thank you.

What ‘adware’ are you talking about?
Normally, the install process will allow you to uncheck options such as GeekBuddy (can also be uninstalled in normal way) and home page and search engine default choices, which can also be changed.

It should work by deleting it.

Might be worth posting in topic below for other ways, there is a fix on the way in the next release.

Fix that was suggested here;msg790801#msg790801

Hi radek178,
The quote below posted by ‘Sixtyfour’, suggests a workaround on how to stop the file from recreating until next release.

Kind regards.

Hi Captainsticks,

thank you very much. It works now. Deleting “mainConfig.json” does not work for me.