How to Remove a Block


I was participating in a webinar w/ Webex & denied access to atmgr.exe from Firefox. Ever since doing that, I cannot get back into the webinar. I see this attempted access in the logs but don’t know how to unblock access now that Comodo is remembering my answer.



go to the D+ tab and click on my blocked files? If the rule is there, remove it.

Thanks for the reply.

I have been all over the Defense + tab but I am not sure exactly what to remove & from where. That’s why I am here. I have spent much time trying to figure this out to no avail unfortunately.

look for the name of the files. Can you post a screen shot for me of the D+ events showing the blocked file.

What I am trying to say is that I don’t know where to look for the blocks.

Defense +…then where to…

There is an area for “blocked files” from the D+ tab but there is nothing in there. I was assuming that a rule was created/remembered that I need to remove.

also try looking in D+ - advanced - computer security policy

I have looked everywhere. I need to know what do next though.

From computer security policy for example…

There are applications & defined policies, “custom” for example. But what to do with the custom policy? Delete the application all together? SOMEHOW change the custom policy?

Also, although I indicated that I knew what was causing the block preventing me from accessing WebEx, I am not really sure. I am fairly certain it is Comodo as the problem began immediately after blocking a Firefox request for access to something. Not sure exactly what.

I haven’t blocked anything else on that machine since so I can somehow remove the last few blocks if I only knew where & how to do this. The only way I know is to delete the application…I think.