how to remeve firewall comodo

After uninstal comodo firewall, its still there, i dont know how to remove it.
The security center, in my pc, tells me that it remais active, but in add and remove programs is not there, would someone tell me what can i do ?

Try running a registry cleaner (maybe COMODO reg cleaner).
Also, what is your OS?

i Allready did, my os is vista.

Try the CFP3 file and registry cleaner batch file.(attached at the end of the first post)


I hope this helps because I too had the same problem with Comodo Internet Ssecurity 3.5 not being listed in the control panel under add/remove programs. I read on Comodo there is a way to manually remove the program but could not figure it out. Finally, I just reinstalled the program into the same directory (C:/Program Files/Comodo/COMODO Internet Security). After doing so, it was back in the Add/Remove Program list. Then I just removed as usual and woo hoo! it was finally removed from my system. I have Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I hope this helps!