How to register a new computer ?

I have installed EVPN but can’t find how to register new computers and/or persons to login on their computers. I thought that we had to send a email or something from EVPN wit details but I don’t understand how to get contact wit the other users computer/IP…

well I hope this is clear for you

Open up eVPN. With your mouse in the ‘General’ area, right click and select ‘Add New Contact’.
Add the account name of the person you wish to connect with. eVPN will send out a contact request to the other party and upon their verification (similar to Live Messenger), you will have them added to your contacts list.
If you wish to test it out, my account name is ‘jebuchanan’
I hope this helps.

I want to make contact with a computer but this computer has no eVPN yet, how do I know their account name and how does eVPN who this is and where this computer is.

The other computer will have to have eVPN installed. You must give yourself a unique login name when you install and register eVPN (Live Messenger uses your Live account for its login name, so this is similar). Each eVPN account is given a virtual IP address unique to the account.
The name and the location (Virtual IP) are stored on a central server (same as Live Messenger). Each time you start eVPN, it connects to this server. Any accounts you connect with are transferred from the server and displayed on your eVPN window.
From there, it is just like using Live Messenger.
I hope this helps you.

Ok thats not simple.

I installed the software on the second computer but before joining my network they have to join comodo eVPN network and thus make a new account. Than they have to know how to connect to my network, something that is not ease for a person above 50. There is no information that it has established what is confusing.

Than When all is connected and I want to take over the computer nothings happens, there is a request going via IM to the other computer witch must accept (not handy) after accept nothing happens…?

For some reason the Vista Firewall takes action and asks if I want to accept the connection twice. This is not all, I have to put Comodo CIS in training mode before I can take over the other computer. Strange because Comodo is on the accepted list in CIS.