How to recreate the Block IP rule?

I accidently erased the block ip rule, how do I recreate it?

Click on your last rule at the bottom of the Network Monitor list to highlight that rule then right-click on that highlighted rule and choose “Add rule” then choose “Add after”. Here is the rule you should add:

BLOCK-check the checkbox to log
Source IP: ANY
Destination IP: ANY
Source Port: ANY
Destination Port: ANY

You might have to restart your PC for the rule to take hold.

hope this helps,


I did that, but I also seperated the rules, one for in and one for out.
After that I wasn’t able to connect to my wireless network.


Double check the position of the block rule in the list.

The critical thing is that the catch-all BLOCK rule MUST be at the bottom of the rules list, as CFP interprets the rules from top to bottom.

Ewen :slight_smile: