How to Recover Forgotten Username/Password

Is there a way to recover forgotten usernames or passwords for CTM? The folks at Comodo should have designed this CTM to recover , or at least override this issues. I don’t believe I have forgotten my password, although I am not sure with my username. When I enabled CTM, it only asked for a password and I assumed it was my account username. Anyway, there should be a work around for this issue somehow. Anyone???

I have a similar issue. I know what my password is, and I know that I am entering it in correctly. Problem is, after I applied an update that required the system to be rebooted the password no longer works. And it asks for the password whenever I want to change any of the settings.

Somehow the password got corrupted on update. So, other than formatting the hard drive, how do I reset the password?

UPDATE: the solution located at the following link worked for me:;msg141425#msg141425