How to recover data in the following case?

Hi, I was running CTM on a computer that crashed (motherboard issue).
So I bought a brand new PC and I decided to plug the main HD of the old computer as an external
HD in order to recover my data.

Problem : it seems that all the data that was saved after the install of CTM is gone.
I don’t know what to do to recover my files?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, papa33600.

Sorry for our delay reply.
You cannot recover the data that was saved after the installation of CTM.

Will that be the same in the next version? So using CTM will prevent changes to be seen when connecting the CTM protected drive to another computer?
If machine crashes all data from the date of the install wil be gone?

This is a huge dealbreaker for me.

Not if they develop a CD/DVD or a boot time tool that allow managing the CTM installation and features.

i would have recommended using a data recovery tool but when i tried it it didnt work as CTM rolls back instead of deleting data. SO if the data was not deleted and instead the state was rolled back, there was no data to recover in the first place. However theoretically speaking data was written before the rollback therefore there should be traces of it somewhere even though the headers for the data is no longer there. So try a data recovery tool like photorec or some other data recover tool that you can think of.