how to recover autoupdate virlist for CIS v5 premium?

since i deleted CIS v5 task of autoupdate in tasklist accidently, everytime i have to update manually. i’ve tried to adjust options of SETUP-Update. it doesn’t work for autoupdate. Is anyone may help me solve the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Hello cisp_user

Just to clarify; you have enabled Automatically check for updates in the Settings?
CIS > More > Preferences > Automatically check for program updates (check the check box)


hi, Jacob,

thanks for your prompt response. i’m sure i did for Automatically check for updates in the Settings. as my version in other language, instead of the ‘Setup’ i stated yesterday, the right word should be Preferences. And i ticked option in option of ‘update’, whick indicate CISP will download virluslist from host url even i tried to add another new url (same address). however, i failed. i suppose reinstal CISP will solve the problem. but i expect a way easily. by the way, can you tell me how to make a task in win xp sp2 for auto update CISP. i don’t know which application programme will be set to the task. does it need to fill in a parametre with the programme? i’m not a programmer or someone prof. just a common user. if it is too complicated to do this, forget it please. i’m awaiting for your kind reply. tks

Try Removing the Temp folder in %systemroot%
(Start > Run > %systemroot%
Delete Temp Folder

The application that runs CIS updates is cfpupdat.exe
It can be found in the CIS Installation Directory (Most likely C:\Program Files\COMODO\Comodo Internet Security)

Hope this helps


hi, Jocob,

Thanks for your kindly reply. I’ve done as per your indication above. The task has been made. And I will let you know the result within a couple of days here. Appreciate for all you did for me. wishing you a happy new year!

hi, jacob,

i’ve tested the schedule task. it works for programme updating. however what i need is to autoupdate the virus database for scanning virus. do you know how to do this? which programme for updating virus database? it needs any parameter together with? expect anyone help me for auto updating virus database.
thanks a lot!

Do you have Automatically update virus database before scanning enabled?

thanks for response! Eric,

i’ve been ticked all options in manual scanning, realtime scanning and planed scanning for ‘automatically update virus database’. even tick n detick to test auto update virus database. anyhow, it doesn’t work. i puzzled if the command for updating virus database and its parameter not allowed to public? if not, i wish anyone can help me to solve autoupdate virus database problem.

it seems ‘autoupdate virus database’ is a strictly chanllenge to me. and really out of my thinking. may anyone send me a task file(please notify me by a message. my OS is WinXP. i think you may find the task file in folder of ‘tasklist’. click ‘start’-‘programm’-‘accessory’-‘tasklist’) for help me?