How to quickly change Firewall settings when connected to specified network

Hello World
I use two networks

  1. WiFi in my home
  2. Wireless Tether from Android Smartphone (limited transfer)
    When using home network I set Firewall to Own Rules, and that works fine. But when I use my mobile network I want to allow ONLY Chrome to connect, nothing more. Is there any way to quickly do that?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. It has been requested more than a few times in the past.

Why not use a configuration profile? Activate the one with the permission that you need at the time of use.

Depending on the profile you may end up having to reboot. Switching between a profile based on Internet Security and Proactive Security requires a reboot.

Who said life was fair? Rather than perform complete system restart, why not just log-out and log-in again?


Nice one. I learned something new today.