how to protect my self from ddos attacks ?

my friend send me a program that he made that’s ddos from 366 computers at once to 120 seconds
hims tired on me and comodo dont protect me from ddos the strange in all thing that i:
1.using router (with firewall ON)
2.using comodo firewall with maximum security configruation
so how i protect my self ?
download to the ddoser:

if some one knows how i can protect my self i will be happy

Edit by EricJH: removed link to ddos tool; it is against forum policy to provide links to live malware in the public parts of the forum

What happens when you get ddossed?

When this tool is run from your computer it requesting the hosts to connect with you then the traffic will be allowed by router’s firewall and CIS.

What happens when your friend would request the hosts to try to connect to your computer?

Notice that with recent versions CIS does not have an attack protection module anymore. V3.14 if I recall correctly may have been the last one to have that.

when him ddosing me i lost my internet connection
nothing happen not alert anything
so i need to download 3.14 to protect my self ?
or you have other soultion
by the way
im using TL-WR841N V7 (LAST MODEL) you have any turiturl to configure ddos settings on my router ?
and i using lastest comodo version (i dont remeber version)

It is a bit of side track but I am interested in the following.

Did you request the ddos?

When you let a friend request the ddos for your IP what happens then? First line it would see was your router. What happens in this case?

Open the Advanced Security tab (see image) in your router configuration and make changes as necessary. Details can be found in the router user guide.

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