How to protect CIS configuration of a virus

¿ Comodo Internet Security is safer if you add a password for the configuration of the CIS ?, If an external connection or a virus attempts to access the configuration, ¿ this type of attack would be blocked by your password ?

I would like to know if there are ways to protect the CIS confuración exterma connection or virus.

CIS self-protection should prevent any program (whitelisted or not) from interfering with it. Therefore I don’t think that having a password (or not having a password) should make any difference.

Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

You would think that a password would add to the security, right? Also, isn’t it also possible that maybe some malware would almost be able to stop Comodo? Afterall, there has been some malware that has been able to bypass the firewall

When using default settings unknown files will get sandboxed and will be blocked from changing protected files and folders. The user won’t get notified so cannot accidentally allow a virus to change CIS configuration settings.

In short: a password does not make CIS more secure or better equipped to protect its self.