How to properly set up a wireless network with CFW

So I have previously believed that setting up a wireless network with cfw was a set it and forget it type thing. The prompt pops up asking for a home, public, etc classification and you pick one and you leave the rest to the firewall.

But I’ve noticed that my computers ipv4 address will change from time to time, for example from to and so forth from day to day. When my prompt first popped up upon setting up the cfw yesterday, I picked home network and it read

Now today I checked the cfw logs again to see if an issue I’ve been having had been resolved, and my computers ipv4 addy has changed.

So I’m wondering if I should have the firewall set up in a different way to account for these changes, or is cfw already accounting for them.

Thanks for your help.

Depends how your DHCP server (most likely router) is setup. You could specify the DHCP server to only doll out ips between .155-.255 and use the lower band for static ips for things like shared network printers, etc.

But to make sure your network zone rules works for the entire network I’m guessing something like would work so that traffic includes the router.