How to prevent configuration changes by non-admins


I have installed Comodo Firewall with Defence+. I have two questions:

  1. I want only administrators or privileged users to be able to modify Comodo settings, other users can’t. Is it possible to setup Comodo this way? I tested this on my notebook, and even when I’m logged-in as an ordinary user, I’m able to fully administer Comodo.

  2. I want ordinary users don’t get any questions from Comodo firewall nor Defend+. For them rather what is not allowed should be denied. (E.g. instead of asking whether to allow execution of a program, Comodo should block it.) How to achieve this?

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Hi xarx,

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This should be possible by going to More, Settings, Parental Control.
If you set a password and check all options there then CIS should suppress all alerts.
Until you “unlock” it with the password.

Thank you.

It works, however I haven’t found out where to enter the password in order to allow alerts from Comodo. I mean the configuration, when the parent mode is on and all alerts are blocked using those two “suppress alerts” checkboxes in the ParentalControl settings. Even when I open the CIS management application and enter the password there, the alerts still don’t appear. Thus I had to uncheck the “suppress alerts” checkboxes.

Any suggestion how to enable alerts just by entering the password somewhere?

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if there was a way, suppressing alerts function wouldnt work as expected, would it? the only logical exception would mean, that any question had to be permitted by entering the password each time, for each question… then its better to uncheck one time the checkboxes anyway.

Obviously, there could be e.g. an item on the CIS icon to enter password. Since the password is entered, the alerts could be enabled.


Think this needs a post on the wishlist board… I agree would be a nice feature