How to prevent Comodo to stop deleting false positive malware?

I am using a Thunderbird program to undelete by accident deleted files. But Comodo recognize it as a malware and deletes the file! I have checked the Comodo Quarantine and there is no file in there. How to get this file back? How to prevent this file from scanning/detecting as malware - I added folder exception to Antivirus advanced settings - no success.


Disable auto quarantine. Will save you from false positive desasters. In general.

And IF you get a detection, run a second opinion free antivirus without an own guard.
Malware bytes free for example.

Or load it to virus total.

It is suspect at least, that a file which “needs” disc access and other things,
is recognized as a malware.
It would be an ideal virus to bypass a hips. It needs “exotic” permissions without rising questions for the user.

Make sure that it is NOT a virus.

If you believe that the file is a false positive please report it as such on this page. Comodo staff will analyze it and correct the detection if it is found to not be malicious.


@Chiron, I think it is false-positive. I tried to upload a file, but I get a “Server Error! Please try again” and I did three times. I did this with Firefox 20.0.1.

@clockwork, the problem is there is no file in quarantine: (right image). The file just gets deleted and not moved to quarantine.

How to disable “auto quarantine”?

Please create a new topic here and link to VirusTotal reports of the false positives. That will work just as well.