How to prevent automatic updates

Hi all,
you may wonder why I don’t want CIS to automatically update itself, but I own just a old slow 56K analog Internet connection paired with an HSDPA connection with limited amount (100MB) of prepaid daily Internet traffic.
So I need to be able to decide IF and WHEN I can start a software update that could take dozens of MB.
Well, needless to say soon after I installed CIS (ver. 3.8.65951.477) and fired up the Internet connection, my connection monitor showed me that a “huge” amount of data was received from the Net and that my 100MB daily traffic was going to decrease rapidly.
It took me few seconds to find out that the data hungry application was cmdangent.exe from the CIS installation folder.
I waited for the download to finish till the time the amount of used traffic reached 50MB then I closed the Net connections to save traffic credit.
The update process did not complete so I was afraid that it would start again soon after the Internet connection was on again.
So I went through the CIS setting looking for options to disable automatic update.
I found this:

Miscellaneous->Settings->Update->Automatically check for the program update

Removed the checkbox flag and confirmed.

But this wasn’t enough.
Once the Internet connection was established again, cmdangent.exe did start one more time to download data.
Well, I supposed where was some other setting to disable… so I found and disable all of this:

Antivirus->scanner settings->
Real Time Scanning->Automatically update the virus database before scanning
Manual Scanning->Automatically update the virus database before scanning
Sceduled Scanning->Automatically update the virus database before scanning

Removed the checkbox flag on all the above.

Then… guess… it wasn’t enough again!

So, I ended up to use CIS firewall rules to block and prevent cmdangent.exe from using the Internet connection.
That fixed my issue but, honestly, I don’t think it is the “better” way to gain control over the CIS update feature.

Any advice is welcome.


System Information:
User member of {Administrators, }
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 SP 2.0
Free Physical Memory: 1589MB

I think the confusion stems from the fact that program updates and virus database updates are two different things.

Currently, you can tell CIS not to automatically download program updates, but there is no way to turn off virus database updates.

I don’t know whether or not there is such a feature in the upcoming 3.9 release.

Thanks for the comment HeffeD.

Looking at the firewall events log I see that cmdangent.exe make an attempt to connect to every 311 seconds (5 minutes and 11 sec).
I wonder if disabling the COMODO Internet Security Helper Service (that is the service related to cmdangent.exe process) will cause misbehaviour to any of the ICS functions other than the auto-update.

You would disable CIS completely by disabling the Helper Service…

I have a similar issue.

My wifes laptop is , well, elderly and so everytime Comodo decides to update, her laptop locks up until the update completes.

Needless to say, this is not a desirable thing when Comodo checks so frequently :slight_smile:

If we can not stop Comodo checking for updates, the only solution is to bin Comodo !!

So, please Tech guys - give us the option to turn off AV updates, or specify when we want updates to be downloaded :slight_smile:

For those interested:

System Specs:

OS - Win XP SP2
RAM - 128 - 512MB (video card takes up to 128MB)
Comodo 3.8.6

If your wife’s laptop locks are related to the Internet connection bandwidth used by Comodo while updating, you could prevent this to happen by setting a CIS firewall rules to block cmdangent.exe from using the Internet connection.
This is what I did too and it solved my issue.
However there is already a new CIS version available now; it’s ver. 3.9.
I haven’t tried it yet…
maybe they have fixed this issue already.


I have the same problem-CIS3.9 updates the virus database so often that it seems like a deliberate nag. In fact, someone who sat down to use my computer for a bit said having those ‘update’ notifications pop up every freaking 5 mins was the dumbest thing they’ve ever seen and I should use a different product. Really, why can’t it check for updates every 24hrs like most other products instead of every 5 mins?

IMHO Defense+ pro-active protection is the more effective protection against viruses than any other daily/hourly updated database based anti-virus solution.
Once correctly setted-up pro-active protection doesn’t even need any further update (at least untill is not found anything to fix or to improve on the application code).
So, untill Comodo won’t fix the update issue, instead to completely leave CIS, you could choose to just not install the CIS Comodo Antivirus application, and keep Comodo Firewall and Defense+.
Then you can choose and install any other preferred Antivirus application that has a more convenient and configurable update behaviour.