How to prevent automatic scanning?

How to prevent automatic scanning?
I didn’t define any schedule scanning, but when I see the quarantine folder, I see some files there. I mark them as false detection, but after some hours the files are there again.
So my question is: how to prevent automatic scanning? May be the reason is “Scan profile”? But we cannot edit or delete them…

Try adding the files to your exclusions for the AV.

Also, if you could please submit the files which continue to be detected through this page they will remove the false detection from the database.

Sorry, you don’t understand.
The problem is not the files, but why the CIS scans the PC without any defined schedule?
I ask again: is there a way to define anything in “Scan profile” - My computer or Smart scan?

Are you referring to the real-time scanner?

If so then it will automatically scan any files just before they are loaded into memory. It will also scan certain files, even if they aren’t running. This is the intended behavior.

Does this answer your question?

Thank you for the answer.
What do you mean “certain files”? Last opened/scanned files? I didn’t open them.
I see again some files in the quarantine. Without any forced scanning.

See this page: only your software sreams about the file:

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Cpu Z install a driver in the pc
that’s why (rootkit) do the same way but this , it’s false positive

wait comodo will do a update for it

This file is old. Check its last version: CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID

Please report all false positives to Comodo through this page and they will be quickly fixed.

The best thing to do is report all files which are being falsely detected to Comodo.