How to prevent a program from being sandboxed?

I am encountering a problem of unable to use disk doctor which is one of the features of auslogics boostspeed to scan and fix my hard drive just because of comodo keeps on sandboxing the running process or tmp. format file of that program.

I have checked the trust vendor list of comodo, and I found auslogics is included in the list and I added auslogics disk doctor as trusted application by using the option provided in the firewall tab.

So can anyone tells me how to solve this problem? And sorry for my lousy english.

Apply to the files of “disk doctor” the predefined policy Installer/Updater and enable in Defense+Settings > Sandbox settings :

  • Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox
  • Automatically trust files from trusted installers

ok, thank you for your prompt reply…I will try it later because I have disabled the defense+ just for running the program.