How to port forward. comodo firewalls.xp firewalls dont work.

I want to portforward to let people into my server from hamachi( tried but i just done seem to find it…i sorta found something but i dont even get it it sais go to connection and advanced tab n put port tht doesnt work…so if anoyone can help me out it would be NICE,KIND etc… :)but for now im sad :frowning: :frowning: :(i cant just seem to figure it out … so if some1 please help. :’(

To port forward in CF you have to go to network monitor.
Right click on one of your rules and add/add before/after. (not the last block rule)
Do these settings.

Action : Allow
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : In
Source IP : Any
Destination IP : Any (zone if you have one, or IP if you have static IP)
Source Port : Any
Destination Port : A single port : The port you want to “forward”.

If it doesn’t seem to work, restart CF or reboot your PC.

Always remember to place your allow rules you make, above the default block rule.
Network monitor reads the rules from the top to the bottom.

Also check the log in activity/logs and try to see which rule that blocks your app.

Here is a link to a discussion about Hamachi.,