How to point an installing folder for Dragon?

I have formatted my Win7-32 system , fresh reinstalled it (all night) and downloaded and installed CIS2013! wow!! Is it for gamers?))))))) And I have to start to study it again, as many many years ago I stadyed Comodo…)))))))))))
Okay… During installing I have chosen CIS & Dragon and pointed D: disk for installing. I have some apps installed on C:\program files and some on D: located.
Now CIS is located on D: drive as I wanted, but naughty Dragon appears to be on c:\program files!!
Is there a solution of this problem? I have to format my PC again(((((((((((( Why I have chosen Dragon… I am so stupid!

Hi myuser,
You could remove Dragon through Windows Programs and Features and re-install Dragon from a separate download, then the option will appear during install.
Installing Dragon
Dragon Product Page
Note: This will not effect your CIS install.