How to permanantly add application to exclusion list

Is it possible to add an EXE globally as an accepted application?

I have an application that is part of a suite of installations that I have created and I want to keep, and the AntiVirus software keeps poping up asking if I want to Quaranteen, Remove, or Ignore the pskill.exe every time I move a folder with the pskill.exe. I select ignore, but it pops up for the next folder where the application resides.

Will an exclusion like this work? ?:*\pskill.exe

Or is there a better way to do it? Is there some kind of exclusion which includes a CRC check, to make sure the exclusion is the same application (just in case a true virus gets on my PC which does not match the pskill.exe that I want to allow)?

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I’m not sure, but I think CIS only checks file paths with the exclusion list.
It supports wild cards, so that should work.