How to partition hard drive for CB backups?

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I have never used Comodo backup before. I have a 750GB hard drive. I have completely formatted the drive on the computer I would like to use Comodo backup on. I am about to reinstall windows. It tells me I have about 700gb of usable space on my hard drive. I want to create two seperate partitions. One for Windows 7 x64, and one for backups for Comodo backup. My question is how big will the second parition have to be to do a full backup? Will I have to divide the drive in half like 350gb and 350gb? Please let me know. I don’t want to end up making a partition that is to small, and ends up being useless. Thanks in advance fellas.

in regards to partitioning your hard drive here is a good tutorial
its easy
i thought it would be more helpful to find a video then type out the whole explanation

Thank you very much for posting this up for me. I will check it out now. :wink:

This is a video on how to partition the hard drive. I already know how to partition it. I am doing a clean install of Windows 7 x64 on my computer, and creating partitions. I am just wondering how much space I should reserve for partition two so I can make backups with CB?

At least 120% the maximum size of the source items.
So if you want to backup C: drive and some documents on D:, it’s the ( size of C + size of documents ) * 1.2


is a beta still going to be released by the end of this month? which would be this week sometime

Yes, it will.


One’s interest has been aroused. A beta to play with before one’s holiday.


I ended up partitioning off the hard drive to 500GB for the C: drive, and roughly 200GB for the D: drive. I backed up the Disk, Partition, and MBR. Then, I chose track0 and MBR, 100Mb system partition, and the C: drive to a CBU file on “low” compression. It came out to be 8.40GB. Did I do it right? If now please explain how I should properly backup my PC.

Once you have a working backup if you want to reinstall Windows to this point in time could you just format the 100Mb system partition and C: drive, and install Comodo backup in Windows and restore from the D: drive? The backup file would still be there as long as it wasn’t formatted right? Sorry I am new to all this. I am trying to figure this out because it would save me a lot of time each time I want to reinstall Windows 7.

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How much data do you have on C: drive?
If it’s less than 20-30 GB, it should be ok.
Please run a verify operation in restore step 2, to be sure.


Yes. It will work fine.