How to override mod_security rule variable

We have the following mod_security rule which is loaded in 01_Init_AppsInitialization.conf:

SecAction "id:219000,phase:2,pass,setvar:'tx.xmlrpc_watch_period=300',setvar:'tx.xmlrpc_requests_limit=5',setvar:'tx.xmlrpc_block_timeout=600',nolog"

How can we override the tx.xmlrpc_requests_limit value for a specific domain via the domain’s Apache vhost configuration file? I would like to set tx.xmlrpc_requests_limit=10 for a single domain but keep the global value set at 5 (as per the default value in the line above).

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chris, we are looking for a generic solution of redefining variables, but we haven’t it yet. We will announce as soon as we will develop correct solution.