How to open specific outbound ports. [RESOLVED]

I tried to find this before posting. Probably missed it. Sorry if I did.
I’ve downloaded and installed TOR for my XP PRo w/SP2.
I need to set it up for open ports 80, 443, 8118 and 9050.
How can I do that. I get lost with this. Hoping one day it’ll click.

edit: Added [RESOLVED]

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You also need to know what protocols they are (TCP, UDP & ICMP) & the communications direction (Network Monitor for IN & Application Manager for OUT). Outbound isn’t normally a problem because CFP learns it from you as it prompts for the programs actions. Listening or open ports need to be set-up in the Network Monitor above CFPs Final Block & Log rule (this is the rule that stops unsolicited connection attempts). You can use CFPs Log (Activity tab) as a diagnostic tool to see what rules you need by what is blocked in the Log (and by what).

That’s what I needed.

That’s good news. I’ll close this topic & mark it as [RESOLVED]. If you need it reopened just send a Personal Message to either myself or any other Moderator. Thanks.