How to open new tabs in foreground?

I’ve searched the options, searched the help, and searched the forums but I cannot seem to find anything on how to open new tabs (by links, fav’s, etc) in the foreground. I right-click on a link or even middle-click on a link and it opens in the background, which I’d prefer to open in the foreground when I right-click &/or middle-click on a link! When I right-click on a link and choose open in new tab, it opens in the background; when I middle-click on a link it opens in the background! (sorry to repeat but I want to make sure everyone understands what I am looking to accomplish…I’ve had undesirable pages ‘refer’ me to another page while moving my mouse over to a new tab to open it, I’d prefer to see this while the tab has just opened)

Is there a setting that I don’t see that I can change or is there some kind of ‘About:config’ thing like in Firefox I can use?

Thanks y’all…

Try ‘Shift+Middle click’ or use Tabs to the front

Or: Ctrl+Shift click

There is no option to set it to open new tabs in the foreground by default (without having to press any keys on the keyboard)? :frowning:


Use the extension I linked to.

OOPS! Sorry, I didn’t see that link before! :embarassed:

Thank you, that works perfectly! ;D