How to open a specific port for a specific application

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It can be done by following the bittorent tuttorial,411.0.html

But for being sure that this port is accessed only by that specific application you must exlude this port on every other program rule. (It can be a very annoying and long process) :stuck_out_tongue:

First, sorry for this long post ???.

Well, the procedure of denying this port from all other applications (current & new) is quite troublesome indeed, however, it’s only needed for the absolute security paranoid as any other application should first have a rule allowing it to act as server to be able to receive incoming connections on that port in particular.

Usually, I don’t think it’s a major issue, however, because the alerts doesn’t have a clear indication whether the application is trying to connect or trying to act as server, it may be necessary to deny the other applications as a precaution. I know that there’s a different text message in the alert, but when you are busy or in a hurry, you may quickly/mistakenly press on Allow.

In my opinion, to better address this issue as well as others, distinguishing the alert dialogs in colors is a necessity. For example, Red for acting as server and Blue for outgoing attempts.

The alert dialogs should be improved anyway to provide flexibility in defining the proper parameters right from the alert dialog itself, without adding a rule first and then going to the Application Monitor to fine tune the rule. Also, DNS resolving in the alerts will give a better insight on the IP address in question.

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