how to move files out of "my blocked files" [Resolved]

After starting up my P.C. on Saturday the CIS firewall popup advised me I had 600+ files needing my attention. For reasons which I still dont understand I moved them all to “my blocked files”. This has resulted in me being unable to open my anti-virus, de-frag and ripping programmes :frowning:
Searching thru the posts here hasn’t really thrown any easy solutions at me. Is there an easy way to reverse my clumsyness and unblock these files.

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I’m assuming you have D+ set to Clean PC Mode?
If you don’t want to deal with having to review the pending files, you should try “Safe Mode” instead.

To remove the file from My Blocked Files, go to Defense+ > My Block Files and highlight all the files and select “Remove” and then “Apply”.

Hi,thanks for the greeting and the speedy reply.
Your solution was spot on :slight_smile:
I will be able to sleep tight tonight.
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