How to modify an app's ruleset?

Hi everyone. I must begin by thanking the developers for a great product.

A small q from my side… Sometimes it happens that i have allowed a particular rule for an application and also ticked ‘remember my decision’ e.g. allowing it to access internet. However, later i wish for some reason to modify the rule.

I open Defense+ Task > ‘Advanced’ panel > Computer Security policy >
then scroll down till i find the particular application, and ‘remove’ its ruleset (find it more convenient than editing individual rules for it).

It was ok in the beginning, but now as the number of rulesets has grown, its a tedious job finding a particular application’s ruleset. I may be missing something… is it possible to search for a application’s ruleset by name. As i cannot find a ‘Search’ option either in the Defense+ panels, or in the Firewall panels.

Using a limited account, but i don’t think that would be making a difference.

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Once viewing the “Computer Security Policy” You can Press Ctrl-F This will make where “Application Name” is to turn into a text box which you can type in the program file (Please note: you have to know the full Destination) eg “C:\Program Files\COMODO\Internet Security\cfp.exe” and not “cfp.exe”

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There is, and there isn’t, a search function in the D+ and Firewall rule sections.

Providing you know the full path of the executable beforehand, you can simply start typing the path/executable name when the D+ or Firewall rules window is open and a list of rule entries that conform to what you’ve typed will appear.

It has a bit of intelligence built in and will filter this list as you type each successvice character.

For example - to find the Defense+ rules for XYZ.EXE which is in the C:\PROGRAM FILES\ABC folder, opemn the Defense+ rules window and type “c:\pr”. At this point a list will appear of all entries that match what you have typed so far and “C:\PROGRAM FILES” will replace “c:\pr”. Press the right arrow key so the cursor moves to the end of “C:\PROGRAM FILES” and type “a”. The list of matching entries will change to only show entries that match what you’ve typed which will include “C:\PROGRAM FILES\ABC”.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

One other thing i didnt see mentioned is the fact you can group your Computer security policy list by right clicking on the .exe entry but hold down the mouse button. You should see a red line appear through the entry then you slide the mouse up or down to put the entry where you want.After you have it like you wan`t press APPLY.

I have like all my system32 entries first then wmp,browsers…


Thank you all so much for your replies. All of you had some new information for me.

@Jacob: Thanks, that feature really works!

@panic: That can save some time. But i just ponder that the AI only starts reading a string from the first character onwards, not from anywhere in the full path. So, we anyways need to be aware of the path of the app, for that to work.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the search string we type can be picked up from anywhere in between. E.g. “cfp” is recognized directly than “c:\program files.…\cfp.exe”

@matty: Wow, a neat feature. Just one little correction… for me the pick-n-drop feature works with holding the LEFT mouse button, not the right.

Just musing on the points discussed, wouldnt it be worhtwhile to add advanced search/sort features to the rulesets. A few features that i can think of (dunno how difficult it may be to incorporate them :slight_smile: )

  • Clicking ‘Application’ directly opens a textbox rather than ctrl+F OR clicking it sorts the rulesets by application path, alphabetically
  • Similarly, clicking ‘Treat as’ sorts by type of policy
    -Adding a column ‘Date created’ so that the rulesets can be sorted by the date they were created.

Apologies :-[ Youd have thought i could tell left from right by now,guess ill have to paint one button red and the other green 88)

Some good points/wishes you made there :-TU


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I am moving the ‘wishes’ to a separate post in the Wishlist section.