how to minimize game during the alert?

When i install new pc game and i will try launch this game first time (without Game Mode) then Comodo will block my desktop/windows and i cant minimize the game to see the Comodo Alert/Message…

Is it possible to comodo not blocked my system?

Currently, if the game has no set of rules (the game is turned on for the first time without comodo game mode) then comodo show me alerts (You can not see them [comodo alerts] because they are hidden under the game window). Everything is locked, does not work ctrl + shift + esc and ctr + alt + del.
The only option is to restart the computer.

What am I supposed to do? (if I do not want to run new games in game mode).
Maybe comodo in the future will allow me to minimize the game during the display alerts?

Try using ALT+TAB to bring the alert window to the front. The other setting that may be important is ‘keep the taskbar on top of other windows’. That’s found in properties of the taskbar.

Another thing to configure is alert time: I’ve set mine for 999 seconds.

That way if I’m watching TV and I check eMail during commerical if there’s an alert its still there. Even so the app may make the same request 53 times in one second - each being blocked - the alert itself is still there. That lets me know some massaging and TLC of rules is necessary.

Sometimes you may have to move the offending window aside to be able to access the alert. If all else fails, check the logs and create the rules manually to allow the resource request the app is making.

Let us know how you get on with all that.

Oh, and there’s always this: